Wine growers since 1921


The properties are located in the heart of the Salento production area, in the municipality of Cellino San Marco, between the province of Brindisi and Lecce. The total surface is 250 hectares (600 acres) of which 84 hectares (200 acres) are vineyards and 110 hectares (270 acres) are olive groves.


The grapes are Primitivo (Zinfandel), Negroamaro, White and Black Malvasia, Chardonnay, and a few other international varieties, which have not yet entered in production. The plants are grown according to a method known as “a spalliera”, which allows for a high number of plants per hectare, between 4700 and 5300 (1900 – 2150 per acre), according to the type of vine. The system limits the quantity of fruit produced by each plant, allowing a production per hectare between 8.000 and 10.000kg (14000 – 18000 pounds per acre).


The "porta innesti" have been carefully selected, in accordance with the soil and the plants’ affinities, so as to avoid excess blooming, which would easily occur given the soil’s fertility. The morphology of the land is primarily flat and the presence of clay gives the soil a reddish colour, which tends to orange. The climate is typically Mediterranean with short and rainy winters, long and dry summers, and with a regular breeze.


The farm is located 40°29’21’’ N latitude - 17°57’18’’ E longitude, approximately 240ft above see level.


The Cellar, located very close the vineyards is equipped with the latest machinery, enabling to produce very clean, fresh and modern wines: exactly what the contemporary consumers deserve.


The barriques, used for the Santa Croce wine, are stored in the basement for perfect aging conditions.  



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