Taking history into the future

The Reale family have owned the estate for over one hundred years, through four generations, and have been making wines since the early 20th century.  
The main business at the time was in the tobacco industry, at first as growers under franchise of the State Monopoly and then as transformers, from the tobacco plant to the finished product, ready to pack.

In the beginning, when the first wines were produced, they were sold loose or for blending, the largest clients were, among others, tuscan and french wine producers who needed to boost their wines with the body and the alcohol they were lacking, both characteristics which the vineyards of Southern Italy had in abundance.

The history of the last decades is centred on the gradual realisation of the great potential, both qualitative and commercial of the Apulia - Salento wines.
From the beginning pf the XXI century they have started bottling a small - and best - part of the production, usually from grapes cultivated in selected spot of the estate.

The company logo represents a villa that has belonged to the family since the beginning of the 20th century, surrounded by a famous Italian-style garden.


Vigneti Reale Srl
Sede Legale
Via Reale, 55
73100 Lecce - Italia
Tel +39 0832 248 433
Email: vignetireale@vignetireale.it


Vigneti Reale produces a range of fine wines from the deep south of Italy, in the "heel" of the Italian peninsula.

The property is located in the heart of the Salento production area of southern Apulia, on 180 hectares (450 acres) of rich land with an ancient winemaking tradition dating back to the ancient greeks.

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